Cutting KKI’s carbon footprint with White Rose Forest

22nd November 2022

At KKI, we’re aware of the impact of our activities on the planet and are always looking for ways to cut our carbon footprint. In November 2022, we partnered with White Rose Forest, a partnership of organisations, including several local charities, planting thousands of trees to protect our environment.


White Rose Forest is the Local Community Forest for North and West Yorkshire, working with local communities, landowners, and farmers to plant trees where they’re needed the most. Each year, White Rose Forest plants thousands of trees that positively impact the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. They’re also creating valuable habitats for wildlife, and improving the natural landscape.


KKI is one of the world’s leading providers of specialist valves for use in the most demanding environments. Our valves are increasingly used on sustainable energy projects, including carbon capture, utilisation and storage, and clean hydrogen projects. The business has taken a strategic decision to focus on sustainability, including supporting partnerships like White Rose Forest.


KKI has established a partnership with the Local Community Forest and has donated £1,000, explains KKI’s Lynn Mowbray, Managing Director. “We’re proud to support the White Rose Forest which we know will be used to fund its incredible work. Our donation will begin a long-term partnership between us and White Rose Forest. We hope to continue to support their innovative and effective work and help them deliver on their ambitious Action Plan.”


There are two main strands to White Rose Forest’s Action Plan: Landscapes for Water and Green Streets.


As part of Landscapes for Water, they aim to plant enough trees cover an incredible 2,500 hectares ­– that’s equivalent to 3,500 football pitches. The tree canopy will soak up carbon dioxide, provide welcome habitats for wildlife, and improve natural beauty.


The Green Streets scheme will see White Rose Forest’s plant 2 million trees in urban areas alongside significant transport routes. Together, they’ll transform Yorkshire, improving it for animals and the population and benefitting the planet.


You can learn more about White Rose Forest here.



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